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Color Wheel

Posted on: January 1, 2013

color wheelThis is a color wheel which I did for my color theory assignment.We were told to create a unique color wheel. I decided to do my color wheel by finding all cartoon/animation characters and form them into color wheel.However there were some improvement to be made for this color wheel.

4 Responses to "Color Wheel"

Ms. Qing, I absolutely LOVE your Color Wheel! It is so playful, whimsical and absolute fun…with your permission, I would like to reproduce this in colored pencil on bristol board to hang on the wall in my grandchildren’s bedroom – of course giving you all of the credit for such a wonderful and original design! It would be certain to bring a smile to their faces (and mine) each time they look at it. 🙂

What a great idea. Do you have a major?

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